Our Ministry teams are a vital part of our church life both within the walls at First Baptist, but perhaps more importantly sharing the love of God with our neighbors and inviting them to a meaningful relationship with God.

Service and Outreach


The Service and Outreach Ministry Team develops goals to work in the areas of service and outreach. Their work involves promoting church programs through press releases, promoting the four annual mission offerings to the congregation, publicizing and recruiting members to staff the Rainbow Table (free community meal) in August and December, educating about our missionaries, and deciding on our mission budget. They also coordinate providing a quarterly meal for the Clark County Connect program, sponsor labyrinth walks and spirituality retreats.  They also take time to celebrate the many ways that the members of our congregation serve both with church programs and in their jobs and volunteer work. Please see “Celebration of Service First Baptist Springfield 2013” for a worship celebration of service at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrgIsJ1zYyQ).



Stewardship is responsible for maintaining the church facilities so that we have a beautiful place to worship today and well into the future. Our church recently put a new roof on the sanctuary and is in planning phases of new carpet as well.

Recently, First Baptist renovated many of the classrooms in the Education wing to help support our growing youth numbers.

Christian Education


   As a community of faith, the congregation of First Baptist Church of Springfield pledges to conduct the ministry of the gospel in ways that assure the safety and spiritual growth of all children and youth as well as all the adult mentors. As a congregation we will follow reasonable safety measures in the recruitment and selection of workers. We will educate all workers with children and youth through a training course regarding the implementation of appropriate policies and safeguards.


 The Christian Education Ministry is responsible for Sunday morning Nursery, Junior Church and Sunday school activities for children. There are two adult classes following Sunday worship: the Adult Forum which is taught by the pastor and the Esther Class.


Other activities that come from this ministry team throughout the year are, children singing in worship, an Easter egg hunt, recruitment and support for attendance at Camp Kirkwood, Vacation Bible School (which features intergenerational partners), Children’s Sabbath worship service in October, the annual church-wide women’s retreat and children leading worship prior to Christmas.

Church Life


Church Life is responsible for the activities in the church that support our relationships with one another and offer fun activities both in and out of the church walls. Church Life puts on many fun activities throughout the year like our fall picnic, summer homeade ice cream social, and game nights throughout the year.