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We are called by God to do what is just, to live in humble fellowship with God, to love God profoundly and all people compassionately. We follow the example of Jesus to be God’s instruments in transforming individuals and communities into full partners in the Kingdom of God.


To be a community of faith that

  • worships God in spirit and in truth

  • grows together in love and integrity

  • serves together in compassion, mercy and justice


To be a place in which to dwell in the Spirit and from which to go with the Spirit.


To live together in Christian love and help one another to think, speak and act as Christians.


Leadership of Jesus Christ

Autonomy and interdependence

Believers in the church

Authority of scripture

Ordination of communion and baptism

Soul competency



Kingdom Values . . .

            Love, Justice, Mercy and Humility

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Welcoming and Affirming Statement

All people, regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or theological perspective, are created by God, in God's image, and these characteristics shall not be a basis for discrimination at First Baptist Church. All people are invited to be in full partnership and participation within the community of believers. We are committed to encouraging all people to celebrate, nurture and count as sacred their entire identity.

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