Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction invites a person to explored the presence of God available and every moment of life. Through contemplative conversation, we will search together for deeper meaning in your life. Spiritual direction and sessions invite the presence of God in whatever form you best understand it. Spiritual direction is not counseling or cycle therapy, and is not focus on solving problems. It is believed that spiritual direction is an art. Directors are trained in the arts of listening and discerning rather than fixing and preaching.


Why might you begin spiritual direction?


You might seek spiritual direction sessions if you are:

  • In the midst of struggle, grief, loss, or conflict


  • Trying to adjust to a new job, location, or relationship


  • In discernment about a choice you need to make


  • Seeking to know God at a deeper level or integrate spirituality into your daily life


  • Trying to foster a concern for social justice


  • Going through a life-stage change or challenge


  • Looking for someone who will listen and with home you can process aspects of your life


Who am I and what I offer as a spiritual director?


I have had three years of formal spiritual direction training and see the fiber arts as an expression of my creativity and a form of prayer. I regularly pray, meditate, contemplate, and seek direction and support from peer professionals. I was raised in the Protestant church, but welcome and work with people of all faith traditions. I believe a person's life journey is sacred, unique, and utterly precious. Sessions are held in a prayer room at First Baptist Church in Springfield, Ohio, but I am flexible if a different venue is required. I strongly value confidentiality and a practice other ethical standard of the profession. Typically, one-hour sessions are offered once a month. There is a fee for each one-on-one session, but accommodations can be made for low income directees.